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Google Ads can give you more 5D/HD Bookings Today!

Ultrasound Marketing Partners



  • Don’t know how your clients find you online?
  • Spending more on landing a client than the client’s value?
  • Spending time and money on marketing? But not seeing results?
  • Is your marketing budget wasted? 
  • We configure web tracking to record all web visits.
  • We provide you with a weekly/monthly return on Ad spend (ROAS).
  • We’re the experts, we can prove results. 
  • Take control of your marketing budget. We’ll deliver value at a price you can afford.

Google Ads

❄Google Business Profile Ads

❄Google Maps Ads

❄Google Search Ads

google ads
  • Assessing your advertising budget to ensure you are getting the most out of it, whether it’s $10 or $100 a day.
  • Ensuring any campaigns you are currently running are beneficial and are not wasting time or money.
  • Setting up new campaigns that optimize spending and drive bookings for your business.
  • Using our large keyword database — both in English and in Spanish — to run highly efficient ad campaigns.
  • Using our experience working with millions of dollars of spending in this sector to tailor our advertising services to your business uniquely.
  • Working closely with your team to manage all aspects of advertising in your business.

SEO Management

❄Landing Page Optimization

❄Content Creation

❄Google SEO Audit

Web Optimizations
  • Improving on your existing website, or rebuilding the site from scratch.
  • Creating focused content — with information about the services you provide — that plays to your strengths.
  • Ensuring your content reflects the full range of services you offer.
  • Improving your position in your catchment area to attract more local customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website and landing pages.
  • Ensuring your ads include keywords and are reaching your target audience.
  • Ensuring there is consistency in high-quality content across the board.
  • Optimizing user experience by improving slow load times.

Acuity Booking System Manager

❄Online Receive Payments

❄Online Booking Management

❄Web Analytics & Tracking

Acuity scheduling
  • Choosing an appropriate online booking system for your clinic, setting it up, and integrating it with your website.
  • Configuring follow-up emails to drive repeat visits.
  • Setting up online payments.
  • Setting up your schedule and figuring out when you can offer each type of baby scan.
  • Attaining positive google reviews from existing and future customers.

Our Clients

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